Our goal is to create inspiring collections that emerge as a result of collaboration between different creative backgrounds.

We want to inspire people in the same way they inspire us.


We take care of the smallest detail to make our brand a safe bet.

We want to extend the life of your garments, and for that we invest in the best materials.

Cotton, linen, viscose, all of them go through a high quality evaluation process.

We test the fabrics, their behavior and durability, so that if you buy a Designers dress, it will become your faithful companion for several long seasons.

DS women

DS is a brand for women whose interest in fashion transcends functionality. 

Passionate women, who want art in movement, to manifest themselves through their garments and communicate their identity to whoever looks at them.

Women Designers.


Good ideas come from finding inspiration in what surrounds you. You don't have to look far to find details that can awaken in you sensations or images that you can end up capturing in a garment.

That's why we give so much importance to inspiration as part of the creative process.

We want everything to make sense, that everything comes from our passion for what we do and that sensitivity towards aesthetics and the small details of everyday life.